Patient FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What mental health services does Re-centre provide?

Re-centre is a premium private mental health service in Southern Sydney that provides pathways to healthier minds in the heart of Hurstville at Waratah Private Hospital.

Depending on your unique needs, Re-centre offers our community two people-focused mental health hospital solutions; overnight accommodation in our 31-bed unit and a dedicated day facility that runs a number of day programs aimed at supporting mind health without the need to stay overnight.

Expert psychiatric and psychological care and multidisciplinary services, one-on-one therapy and group courses are delivered by our expert team.

Our patients may present with the following diagnoses:
– Behavioural and substance disorders
– Eating disorders
– Adult ADHD Medication stabilisation and review
– Anxiety and panic disorders
– Neurostimulation with rTMS and ECT
– Bipolar disorder
– Older persons
– Borderline personality disorder
– Phobias
– Depression and mood disorders
– Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our day programs available are:

Inpatient programs are preferred when closer monitoring and support is required. Day programs can be used prior to admission or afterward as a reinforcement of the tools acquired as an inpatient. Patients attending Day programs will be asked to attend 1 – 3 sessions per week either on a morning or afternoon until completion of all modules.

We accept referrals from your GP or specialist.
Please contact our intake coordinator on 1800 RECENTRE (732 368) who will explain to you all the necessary steps.
Our Intake Coordinator will also retrieve your health fund details to conduct a health fund check and ensure you are eligible for admission at Re-centre. You will be assessed by one of our expert psychiatrists to ensure admission is the best treatment option for you and decide on the treatment plan to adopt whilst at Re-centre.
If you have current medical or other legal issues, it is important that these are discussed with our Intake Coordinator before your admission at Re-centre.

We provide active treatment with individual and group programs. You will be encouraged to participate in group therapy sessions and one-on-one appointments with your Psychiatrist. This all forms an important part of treatment, for you to explore emotional and behavioural patterns, and learn more about your disorder.

Yes, you certainly can as the programs are designed to provide you with tools to help you manage your condition without the need of admission. Admission can be considered a pre or post-day program if you require closer monitoring and support.

Despite what some health funds may tell you, all health funds will cover your stay at Re-centre as an inpatient. When you have served the initial wait period and are up to date with your payments. Mental Health cover is also now available for upgrade and same-day use as an initiative from the Australian Government.

We do accept self referral but a referral is needed from your treating doctor or specialist for your health fund to cover your stay.

No, you can enroll in any inpatient or day-patient programs without health insurance cover. Simply contact our intake coordinator on 1800 RECENTRE (732 368), who will be able to provide a quote based on the program as a day or stay patient.

Yes you can.
Please contact our Intake Coordinator on 1800 RECENTRE (732 368) and your current treating psychiatrist to organise your transfer to Re-centre by way of referral.
Our Intake Coordinator will ensure your private health fund will cover your stay unless you prefer to self-pay.

No, we do not offer emergency admission as we are not an emergency department. You are able to be admitted as an emergency in a public hospital and then request your transfer and admission at Re-centre once you are deamed to be transferrable.
Our admitting hours are 07:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
Contact our intake coordinator on 1800 RECENTRE (732 368) for any admission-related inquiries.

Yes TMS will be available from March and fully covered under the MBS as an outpatient.

Admission criteria max 0.101 and over will require medical assistance and clearance from the admitting psychiatrist prior to admission at Re-centre.

You will be able to bring your clothes, toiletries, phone, laptops, any personal items that will make you feel comfortable.
No illicit substances or alcohol is to be brought inside Re-centre.
You might be asked by your treating psychiatrist to bring some of your medications with you.

No illicit substances or alcohol is to be brought inside Re-centre.

You can bring your phone which will need to be on silent mode during the program. No photos are to be taken of any other participants.

Most Re-centre rooms are individual rooms hotel style with a lot of natural light. Depending on current occupation and capacity, your room will be allocated based on availability at the time of admission.

The current visiting hours are between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

To ensure your safety, visitors are requested not to attend if they have tested positive to COVID-19 within the last 7 days, have COVID-19 symptoms if or they are a high-risk contact of someone who has COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

Only assistance dogs with full certified public access will be able to accompany patients and documentation must be presented prior to admission. Also pets from hospital programs are permitted at Re-centre.

Snacks and refreshments are available during our day programs. If a program is run for Eating Disorders, anything related to food will have to be agreed by the treating psychiatrist.

Meals are also provided to our inpatients in our meal room. They are prepared by our chef and collated by our dietitian.

Café Santé is opened Monday to Friday. You can place your order over the phone by calling 9598 0860 before your arrival at the hospital.

Other food items can be brought to Re-centre and placed in the fridge in the common area. A microwave is also available to our patients. Flowers can be brought in but must not be in a glass or breakable vase.

It is preferable that someone drives you to Re-centre but it is also possible for you to drive yourself. This needs to be discussed with your admitting psychiatrist to ensure this is permitted. If this option is suitable you will be able to utilize our onsite parking level 6.


Yes, onsite parking is available underneath Waratah Private Hospital.