My day of admission process

What is the process on my day of admission?

Your arrival date and time will be confirmed one day prior to your admission. Please ensure to be on time and respect the guidelines and information provided to you prior to your admissions, such as level of alcohol tolerated and no dependencies are to be consumed X hours before your admission.

You will be required to register at the entrance of Waratah Private Hospital with our QR code system and so will the person who accompanies you. You will be required to present a negative Covid test and the person who accompanies will need to show proof of vaccination or will be denied entry as per the new NSW health regulations and guidelines for Aged care and Hospitals.

You will be required to proceed to level 5 for the admission process. The Re-centre administrative team will ensure all your admission paperwork is correct, the referral has been entered and all insurance details have been checked.
Prepayment for your stay in the case you are self-funded will be required at that time. Medication costs and medical visits will also require prepayment.

Our mental health nursing staff will help you to your room and will give you a tour of the facility. It is important that you either leave all valuables at home before your admission or that the person who accompanies you take your belongings with them as Waratah Private Hospital do not accept liability for any missing belongings.

At Re-centre our holistic approach means you will gain access to a broad range of experts in the field such as mental health nurses, psychologists, allied health professionals, dieticians, art therapists, and our expert psychiatrists. Post assessment, the team will work closely to ensure you are able to use the tools, participate, reach your goals to live your best life.
The team will establish a comprehensive patient schedule specific to your needs, to help you refocus your mind and be the best you.

Travelling to Re-centre

Unless you have been permitted to drive by your physician, the use of motor vehicles is not permitted pre, during or post-admission at Re-center. Please ensure you are driven to Waratah Private Hospital as the use of public transport is not allowed either.


On how to get to Waratah Private Hospital, click here

What should I bring with me during my stay?

Please bring the following items with you to the Re-centre
⦁ Medicare and private health insurance cards
⦁ Health care cards and pharmacy safety net details
⦁ Any medications requested by your treating psychiatrist
⦁ Credit card for any payment on admission and/or a small amount of cash to use at Café Santé
⦁ Casual comfortable day clothes
⦁ Comfortable closed footwear
⦁ Nightwear
⦁ Personal toiletries
⦁ Mobile Phone & Laptop
⦁ Any personal item which will help you make comfortable during your stay such as photo frames etc
⦁ No illicit substances or alcohol are to be introduced at Re-centre

Our Intake Coordinator will advise you of any other requirements, prior to admission.

You’re expected to follow the daily ward routine including:

• Shower
• Dress in clean, casual day clothes that aren’t revealing.
• Attend breakfast in the dining room.
• Morning medications from the medication room as prescribed.
• Attend group therapy and other appointments a directed by staff.

Shoes must be worn at all times on the unit, and if not appropriately dressed, you will be asked to return to your room to change. T-shirts and clothing which contain offensive words/language/images aren’t acceptable pieces of casual clothing on the ward.

In line with NSW Health recommendations, Waratah Private Hospital will allow up to two designated visitors per patient.

Visitors will be permitted to visit if they comply to NSW Health recommendations as outlined:

  • Have an up to date record of a recognised vaccine
  • Have no tested positive to Covid-19 within the last 7 days
  • Are not a high-risk contact of someone who has Covid-19 in the previous 14 days
  • Do not have Covid-19 Symptoms
  • Have not returned from overseas in the past 7 days
  • Wear a surgical mask correctly on entry and for the duration of the visit.

Patients being admitted for surgery cannot have a visitor wait with them as we are unable to meet the social distancing requirements.

You may be granted limited leave from the ward at the discretion of your treating psychiatrist. Patients intending to leave the unit MUST arrange to be signed out by a nursing staff member.

Your Psychiatrist will approve you to go on leave. You will need to be on an observation level of 4 or higher to go on leave. At the moment, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the NSW Health Department, no patient leave is allowed.

All medication, including over the counter (non-prescribed), herbal, prescription, as well as any alcohol or other substances are to be handed into the nurse at the time of your admission. If you are found to be under the influence of substances or alcohol (other than those medications issued by the nursing staff) you will be assessed by a psychiatrist and discharged as indicated.

Smoking or vaping is only permitted in indicated areas.
Smoking or vaping is NOT permitted outside the main doors to the hospital or in any other part of the hospital rooms, building, or outdoor areas.

If you require assistance or would like to consider to quit smoking during your admission, we encourage you to discuss the matter with your psychiatrist.
Participants are NOT permitted to talk about illicit substances or addictive behaviours with other patients

My stay at Re-centre