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About us

About us

Re-centre is a premium private mental health service in Southern Sydney that provides proven pathways to healthier minds in the heart of Hurstville at Waratah Private Hospital.

The service delivers assessment and treatment of mental health experiences. Through the use of innovative tools and a range of services and therapies, our team deliver compassionate and expert interventions across mental health hospital stays and day programs.

Depending on your unique needs, Re-centre offers our community two people-focused mental health hospital solutions; overnight accommodation in our 31-bed unit and a dedicated day facility that runs a number of day programs aimed at supporting mind health without the need to stay overnight.

Expert psychiatric and psychological care and multidisciplinary services, one-on-one therapy and group courses are delivered by our expert team.

Our team of specialists

Our specialists are highly qualified professionals who can help with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, sleep problems, adjustment to difficult life changes, alcohol and drug use, bipolar disorder, behavioural issues, eating disorders, PTSD, geriatric psychiatry and more.

Our team of specialists

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    Re-centre and your private health fund

    Please contact your health fund to understand any out-of-pocket expenses that may apply on admission to the private mental health clinic.

    The Australian Government mandates that people with limited cover for mental health treatment can upgrade their hospital cover to access higher benefits without serving a waiting period.

    Your referral to Re-centre

    You may be referred to Re-centre by your GP, therapist or psychiatrist. Referrals can be faxed to +61 2 8088 6579 or emailed to For self-referral, call 1800 RECENTRE (1800 732 368). Once a referral has been received, you will be triaged by a mental health nurse. From here, we walk you through the next steps of admission.

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