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Mental health day programs

Mental health day programs

Our dedicated day facility on Level 2 is a purpose-built space delivering half and full day programs. Programs are facilitated by clinical psychologists and typically run from six to 16 weeks. Based on best practice and proven techniques, programs are outcome-focused and support you with the mind health tools you need.

Day programs include

  • Re-focus Your Mind (bookings now being taken for October)
  • Re-cover From Addiction
  • Re-think Your Anxiety and Mood (bookings now being taken for October)
  • Re-route Your Pathway (bookings now being taken for October)
  • Re-vitalise Your Mood (bookings now being taken for October)
  • Re-new Your Relationship with Food (bookings now being taken for October)
  • Re-claim Your Peace
  • Re-vive Your Mind Health (bookings now being taken for October)

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Our programs

1:1 Individual therapy

Our expert team is passionate about empowering people experiencing emotional concerns and persisting mental health experiences. Re-centre brings together leading health professionals in the disciplines of psychiatric and psychological care, occupational therapy, dietetics, exercise physiology and mental health nurses.

Internationally renowned experts in mind health supervise and direct your care, with extensive experience in facilitating clinical psychiatric and psychological care across mental health experiences.

– Our specialists provide you with:
– The latest in proven techniques and psychotherapies
– Overnight mental health hospital accommodation or day programs centred around you
– Support from a comprehensive team
– Mind health tools to take into everyday life
– Access to group and one-on-one sessions
– Access to greater hospital facilities where necessary such as hydrotherapy, gymnasium, exercise physiologists and dietetics.

1:1 Individual therapy

rTMS therapy

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation known as rTMS is a painless, effective, and non-invasive procedure known to improve symptoms of depression and other disorders for many sufferers. It is an effective treatment used to treat depression and can be offered when patients have not responded to antidepressant medication, prefer to try an alternative to medication, or cannot tolerate antidepressant medications due to side effects.

While receiving stimulation the person is fully awake and is usually well tolerated with minimal side effects. There is no need for any anaesthetic or sedation and there are no adverse effects on memory and thinking ability. Given this, it is also an alternative treatment to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for patients who are at high risk and have contraindications towards ECT and/or are unable to have sedation.

Mental health hospital overnight accommodation

Our 31-bed mental health accommodation on Level 5 is a supportive and welcoming environment, more aligned with hotel-style accommodation over a hospital ward. Flooded with natural light, it is a purpose-built and beautiful environment, designed to help you thrive during your stay with us.

For more information click the link below.

Mental health hospital overnight accommodation

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