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Work with us at Re-centre

Work with us at Re-centre

We’re looking for passionate Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists to join our new mental health service in part- and full-time roles. Based at Waratah Private Hospital, Re-centre is a new premium mental health service that provides in- and out-patient services.

The Waratah Team

Waratah’s medical professionals are enthusiastically supported by the hospital administrators and management. Evolution Healthcare has a commitment to provide ongoing training for its staff, both on and off site. Opportunities to attend clinical conferences and undertake relevant post graduate study are encouraged and where appropriate financially supported.

Re-centre at Waratah Facility

Re-centre has dedicated consulting suites for 1:1 therapy, spacious rooms for day programs, hotel-like inpatient accommodation, all housed across two levels of Waratah Private Hospital. People receiving care through Re-centre benefit from the many offerings from Waratah including access to the gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool, nutritious menus, and supportive and welcoming specialists.

At Re-centre we aim to specialise in the following

* Addictive Behavioural and Substance Disorders 
* Adult ADHD 
* Anxiety and Panic Disorders 
* Bipolar Disorder 
* Borderline Personality Disorder 
* Depression and Mood Disorders 
* Eating Disorders 
* Medication Stabilisation & Review 
* Neurostimulation with rTMS and ECT 
* Phobias 
* Post Traumatic Stress disorder 


Join our team

For more information or a confidential discussion on how we may best accommodate your individual needs please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form and one of our staff will be in contact with you